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What is SRRRMN?

SRRRMN is a non-profit confederation of autonomous groups and individuals who are dedicated to providing quality search, rescue, and recovery services to assist and support public, private, and/or governmental agencies. The purposes of this organization are to promote and develop search, rescue, and recovery capabilities and resources in the State of Minnesota with the underlying principle of saving lives and reducing suffering.

A wide variety of established organizations exist to provide search and rescue and recovery services. The purpose of SRRRMN is to provide a means for those organizations to collaborate on training, emergency preparation, planning, and communications with units of government.

SRRRMN is itself not an operational source of emergency field-resources. It is, however, an information source. A key purpose of SRRRMN is to provide resource information to emergency managers and law enforcement leaders. For more information about SRRRMN, please click on the About Us link above.

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K-9 Gus searches for the scent of our missing drowning subject as handler Sharolyn helps pull the boat through a shallow area of the river. 


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